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Beyond Commercial Real Estate is a digital digest to share insights and topics beyond the general business development in the digital age.

A project to look ahead and give some understanding on which forces will impact the industry most. In short drawing the right conclusions in a changing world currently being above all by major shifts in technology and by the digital revolution.  

Beyond Commercial Real Estate was founded in 2018 by Juergen Schroeder. A former banking and real estate executive, financial advisor and digital entrepreneur. Above all filling the void for an intelligent, analytical, global, unique and hopefully inspiring point of view on the business of real estate.

Related to real estate in terms of digitization, disruptive technology, investment, funding and leadership.

Relevant to everyone engaged in the business of real estate. In the boardroom or as a leader. As an investor in real estate or in relevant technology. As start-up entrepreneur or as advisor. Or simply anyone interested in this field.

However Beyond Commercial Real Estate is aiming to provide orientation and a resource in an uncertain and agile operational environment.