Digital Innovation is redefining Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate and Technology is not a misunderstanding. On the contrary digital innovation is redetermine the business of real estate. Equally the businesses of the many related industries. 

In other words the digital vortex changes how we work, consume, travel and live. Even how we make, fund and manage investments in real estate.

Innovation powers the unprecedented changing world of Commercial Real Estate and Technology.

Therefore it is imperative to look ahead to meet the requirements of customers, employees and partners.

You have fights to win to master the new economics of digital. But yesterday’s approaches won’t deliver.

Debunking The Three Myths Of Commercial Real Estate Technology

The world of commercial real estate (CRE) is filled with misunderstandings and myths, especially in light of new technology startups that are poised to shift the status quo. To date, three ideas about new CRE tech remain especially pervasive across the industry, yet do little more than conjure fear about tech solutions that are sure to help the industry flourish.