PropTech navigate the challenges of retail


Thrive today in retail but more importantly in the future means to understand the customer decision journey. Technology will play a symbiotic role for brands, retailers and retail real estate. In other words by providing solutions property technology transforms retail. 

New digital innovations changing the customers mind-set. Therefore to understand how to serve and inspire shoppers will be key. Advanced technology in particular artificial intelligence makes the customer journey visible.  

Enabling deep learning and building competences of analyzing customers like the best online retailers do makes the difference. 

In conclusion behind the new bet of proptech focused VC Fifth Wall is that property technology will connect offline and online retail to provide real estate as a service. 


[Remarks by Brendan Wallace] 3 business predictions for proptech (and the retail sector) in 2019

Check out my talk with Brendan Wallace, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Fifth Wall. The company has $305 million in assets under management, investing mostly in tech and real estate, and now, as CNBC recently noted, “It has its eyes set on retail.