WeWork or today the WeCompany as the synonym of coworking, paved the way for this fast growing segment. The evolution of coworking is the flexible work space which might defines the future of office real estate.

Office Space as a Service is the driving Force


The quote of Antony Slumbers illustrates quite well what SpaaS is all about,


The most important feature of #SpaceAsAService is that the customer of a landlord morphs from being the name on the lease and the person who signs the quarterly rent check, to every single person who enters into their property.


In turn it shows the fundamental mindset shift of landlords and eventually real estate office investors is needed. Furthermore the growth potential of flexible work space lays far beyond freelancers and startups.

In the digital age the unique features of a coworking venue suits best for corporates with an agile and innovative culture.

So how to play out the potential of shared work space – as a landlord and an office real estate investor?


What the rise of coworking means for the real estate industry

From freelancers to corporate teams, workers everywhere have embraced coworking spaces. The trend has many implications for how companies operate, but even more interesting is its impact on the world of commercial and office real estate.