What’s all about an agile organisation


Leading innovation in the digital age, the understanding of the digital vortex is required. In other words how does the digital revolution disrupt companies, economies and societies.

For the real estate industry it is twofold significant. Firstly the industry itself will be disrupted by new business models enabled by technology. That is to say innovation powers the changing world of real estate.

Secondly the usage of the properties will be affected if the users facing fundamental changes in their industry. For instance Airbnb for hospitality. The same is with the office sector and the shared work space.

How to recognize an agile organization?


The five trademarks of agile organizations

This article was written collaboratively by the McKinsey Agile Tribe, a group of over 50 global colleagues bringing expertise from the digital, operations, marketing, and organization disciplines. They integrate their deep experience and thought leadership to extract the best from McKinsey’s global experience as it helps organizations transform themselves into agile organizations.