Lessons learned

Lessons for proptech startups from biotech. At the first glance it is not quite obvious what the two different sector can have in common.

It is not so much about the sectors. It is more about the experiences of biotech startups which can help proptech startups to draw the right conclusions. For example it can be how to build a platform technology. Or how to get a market validation.

In the age of digital innovation and fail-fast it can make a different to learn from experiences others.

Some thoughts how to translate lessons from Biotech innovator, serial founder and MIT Professor Robert Langer for proptech startups.


The 7 Lessons That Proptech Startups Can Learn From Biotech

PropTech and biotech have nothing in common… right? Here are seven lessons that leading biotech innovator Robert Langer learned by founding over 40 startups in the space, and my interpretation of why it is extremely important for PropTech founders to learn them too.