Technology disrupting Real Estate

It’s true today than it’s has ever been. What we all know one major target for real estate technology are homebuyers. Favoring either online platforms listing properties or the new world of iBuying with promising startups like Zillow Real Estate or Opendoor. Meanwhile a
 new platform launched by New York based Compass Real Estate is approaching Tech savvy Real Estate Agents.

The new digital business model is pairing market knowledge of these tech savvy real estate agents with advanced technology to navigate the process of finding and selling a home. 

A smart sign in front of a building serves as a hub to connect with an app. If a potential buyer pass by the smart sign sends information about the home. 

How This Smart Sign Changes How Real Estate Agents Sell

Mike Davis and Marta Maletz make up the real estate team of at Mike and Marta Compass Real Estate in New York. Davis says that when he started in real estate fifteen years ago, print was the holy grail for selling New York City real estate.