Learn-it-all will always do better


This valuable career advice of Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella reflects in essence the new mindset to succeed in PropTech. In other words “Don’t be a know-it-all; be a learn-it-all“.

Thriving in the new world of technology in real estate means truly understand the nature of digital business in conjunction with the role of mindset and technology. 

It’s much about to learn what does it mean to be customer centric. Understand the fundamental change from real estate as a product toward to real estate as a service.

Embrace digital innovation but be aware it’s the business model which delivers the value not the technology itself.

So have a deep dive into a great piece of advise how to succeed in PropTech. 


Winners & Losers in PropTech: 16 Differences

2019 has kicked off with something of a feeding frenzy in the world of PropTech. There is much talk of this company investing, that startup raising, and the thousands of new entrants from all around the world looking to ‘disrupt the biggest asset class in the world’.