Digital Solutions for a more livable Future


We live today probably in the most dynamic era of global change. Undoubtedly technology is shaping the future of cities. How we might live in 30 years time? So how looks like the future of cities in 2050? 

According to the United Nations 68% of the world population projected to live in urban areas by 2050. 

Given to the expected growing population in urban areas, new and complex issues are emerging including a large global economic transformation. In other words new forces will impact the urban growth.

Today we see just a preview what innovation can do in the urban environment. In the coming digital era cities get smarter. They become more livable. They become more responsive.

But what does all this mean in terms of technologies to bet on and how to benefit from the digital evolution that might come?

Dive in the visions of the innovative drivers of how we might live in 2050.


Imagining the Smart Cities of 2050

Tomorrow’s cities are reshaping almost every industry imaginable, and birthing those we’ve never heard of. Riding an explosion of sensors, megacity AI ‘brains’, high-speed networks, new materials and breakthrough green solutions, cities are quickly becoming versatile organisms, sustaining and responding to the livelihood patterns of millions.