No major Changes – PropTech Market Expectations 2019


Basically that is the view on the PropTech Future 2019 according to the Year-End 2018 Global Confidence Index by MetaProp

It’s a higher competition for startups to raise venture capital expected. Notwithstanding there are signs that the sector is maturing and consolidating in keeping with MetaProp.

However the deal flow should stay the same or may be higher. Investors and startups confidence still strong despite higher economical and geopolitical volatility. Therefore pay attention to some promising real estate tech companies

Have a look what the PropTech Future 2019 will bring.

Volatility And A Maturing PropTech Industy Underscore MetaProp 2018 Year-End Index

MetaProp produces a biannual global PropTech confidence index. The latest edition shows cooling confidence due to geopolitical and economic volatility, as well as strong signs of a maturing market. However, the news is not all grim – read on to find out why 2019 is expected to be the best year yet!