The We Company or better known as WeWork files for an initial public offering (IPO) by the end of that year according to sources. The companies losses exceed in 2018 the revenues. In that light a certain amount of skepticism seems to be called but nevertheless it’s one of  the most recognized and valuable startups. How does the value of WeWork come from?

A Real Estate Play or a Tech Play – an Interpretation


Does WeWork needs real estate as Uber needs cars or AirBnb needs apartments? Or what does the shift mean from a traditional coworking perspective towards to a service provider around shared work space. In other words is it the concept of Space as a service that thrives? 

So take a deep dive to understand the business model and where the value of WeWork do come.

How Does WeWork Make Money? – CB Insights Research

On one level, the answer to the question “How does WeWork make money?” is, “It doesn’t – yet.” The 9-year-old co-working company is notoriously unprofitable, reporting $1.9B in losses on $1.8B in revenue in 2018. But that hasn’t stopped WeWork …