It might be a fast growing niche. The inflation of a new real estate asset class for years? An emerging market capturing a premium of 30% too comparable rents according to JLL Research. In other words promising opportunities – uncovering Coliving. 

Redefine the concept of co-living – The potential of all inclusive communal living


The concept of co-living isn’t new at all. But the massive global trend of urbanization increases the dilemma of continuing rising housing costs. The concept of coliving might be a solution for that issue in times of sharing economy.

But it’s not just following market and social trends most importantly it enables more residents occupying less space for less costs in areas where property values are at a premium.

Moreover in the light of modern solutions providing by AirBnb and The WeCompany and others coliving will benefit and its already strong base within the housing norm will even get stronger. 

Uncovering coliving.

Coliving’s Historic Rise to Modern Prominence

While many used to sneer at the concept of co-living, not any longer. Forms of cohabitation have been happening from the beginning of time-spiritual ashrams and monasteries, tribal villages, boarding houses, residential hotels, and communal kibbutzim, to start.