How to play out the underlaying concept of shared workspace


Understanding the business of coworking is key to adopt and eventually to transform other segments of the property industry.

Real Estate as a Service is the basic idea behind the business of shared office. Not least this is the mantra of the real estate related investments of Softbank, the largest shareholder of WeWork. The same is true for the impact of AI in Retail Real Estate.

The forthcoming of the consolidation of the shared office sector is a hint. So take advantage of the emerging opportunities.

Therefore have a look where may to apply the same concept. 


Coworking Sector is Ripe with Opportunity

The Future of Office Space As A Service It was less than 10 years ago when “shared- office space” was a dirty word. If you didn’t have your own lease, you wouldn’t dare risk telling clients as they would question your legitimacy of being a real business. Then came WeWork.